This is me somewhere around 62°13'05.1"S 58°26'22.3"W.
Usually, however, I works with computer in the subject of machine learning, web developing or IoT and low power environment. If You really interested to know me contact me, see my papers or works.

My papers

  • Ensemble-based classification for author profiling using various features   PDF
  • Tagging firefighter activities at the emergency scene: Summary of AAIA'15 data mining competition at Knowledge Pit   PDF
  • Towards robust framework for on-line human activity reporting using accelerometer readings   PDF
  • Certain aspects of foot-mounted inertial-based indoor navigation systems   PDF
  • Lessons learnt from designing indoor positioning system using 868 MHz radios and neural networks   PDF
  • Indoor Navigation System Using Foot-Mounted IMUs   PDF
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Works I have done

3D printing and
rapid prototyping

Watching 3D printing is very relaxing :). Here You can look what is happen in real time in my printer ;)

Intelligent Commander's
Remote Assistant

Modern engineering tools for decision support for commanders during firefighting and rescue operations of Polish State Fire Service in buildings. The goal of the project was improvement of firefighter's safety as well as rescue action effects optimization.
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The essence of the project is to design and build a modern innovative system of risk management and optimization of the proposed scenarios to assist the commander in the fire rescue actions in buildings . The amount of information , time pressure and responsibility do not facilitate the implementation of the optimal decision-making. Modern methods of data collection and expert system as well as interactive algorithms (expert - machine) processing recommendations for the commander, can significantly improve the quality of the activities carried out minimizing the risk of loss. Finding these solutions requires a broad, but detailed fire domain knowledge and knowledge in the development of complex algorithms for dynamic risk management. In order to achieve such an interdisciplinary project, the team was formed that uniquely combines the domain experts in the field of Fire Rescue Actions (SGSP, CNBOP), leading scientists in the field of artificial intelligence (MIMUW) and experienced programmers (Dituel). On the basis of this experience and competences the innovative computer system will be designed , built and tested. This system will be used in fire and rescue operations to improve firefighter safety and to minimize the impact of fires in buildings. This system will evaluate in real-time common risk factors, as well as interactively assist the commander by generating optimal scenarios of actions. Scenarios will be based on domain knowledge represented in the ontology, supported by mathematical models derived from Incident Data Reporting Systems, and computer simulations. These models will be adaptively adjusted to the current state of the fire rescue action, based on information obtained from the fire ground (information from firefighters, building infrastructure and others).

4x4 "Samurai" rover
Early tests of positioning system:
Activities reporting system field test:

ICRA was great experience! Thank to all for the opportunity to work together!

Neural networks and
my PHD studies

I'm interested in signal processing with artificial neural networks. Planned PhD thesis "Distributed artificial neural network for compression and classification events in time series for low resource environment". The main goal is to proof that this approach can not only help to keep data in a very efficient way and uses less power, but also it enables to build close-to-optimal coders and well-work classification for wide range of data automatically, with very low human involvement.
My interest in the subject is not just work, I really like playing with code.
Play with some of my web demo tools:

Recently I fell in love with auto-encoders for time series:
And images:
These algorithms is a kind of ethereal art for my. It is pure happines to be able to watch at flow of information and how it is change.

Arduino, IoT/SmartHome

IT is more fun when it is not not only inside computer. I not mean like Pokemon, more like SkyNet ;) What can be better than smell of hot solder at a morning? And coffe of course?

Polish Antarctic Station
H. Arctowski

I was head* of the Arctowski station during 42nd expedition at 2017/18. We spend over one Year at King George - up to 20 person of crew and 36 scientists from different countries during Antarctic summer, 8 person during winter to keep station running. Abow You can see some photos but the best memories stay in us.
More about Arctowski on homepage.

* - as well as IT and electronics :)


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